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Conscious Dental Sedation Choices

At Progressive Family & Cosmetic Dentistry we want you to be as comfortable and pain free as possible. We offer a variety of conscious sedation medicines to help you relax and to block pain during your dental procedure. Conscious sedation allows you to stay awake and recover quickly so you can return to your everyday activities soon after your procedure.

This is good for patients that have:

  • anxiety
  • had a traumatic past dental experience
  • have had difficulty getting numb
  • or are just uneasy in the dental chair

Types of Sedation Available:

  • Oral Conscious Sedation – This type of sedation makes you more comfortable during your procedure to receive the necessary dental care.
  • Nitrous Oxide – Commonly called laughing gas, nitrous oxide provides relaxation but the patient is still generally aware of surrounding activities.  Its effects can be reversed in five minutes with oxygen.
  • DioDent Micro 980 ® diode laser by HOYA ConBio ® – THE NEW DIODENT MICRO 980™ SOFT TISSUE LASER