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Mouth Guards / Night Guards for Children and Adults

Custom Made Dental Bite Guards for Adults and Children

Mouth guards and night guards are thin transparent devices custom molded to fit your mouth. They are typically made of durable plastic materials. They are worn over the biting surface of your teeth to prevent contact between the upper and lower teeth. They can help prevent injury to your teeth while playing sports or headaches due to bruxism, the grinding or clenching of your teeth while sleeping. They are also used to help relieve pain from TMJ / TMD.

The Fitting Process:

  • We begin by taking impressions of your teeth to create a mold.
  • These impressions are then used to create the night guard or mouth guard from a strong, durable plastic.
  • When finished, the custom molded guard is fitted on your teeth.
  • You then wear the night guard while you sleep or the mouth guard while playing sports.

Dental Night Guards

Do you suffer from sleep bruxism? Do you wake up every morning with pain around the cheeks and jaw? Do you experience chronic headaches or migraines caused by involuntary night-time teeth grinding or clenching? Do you have TMJ / TMD pain? If so, we can help by creating a custom made night guard. You don’t live with painful headaches, migraines, or TMD. Wearing a night guard will prevent contact between the upper and lower teeth protecting your tooth enamel and reducing the friction caused by grinding or clenching your teeth while you sleep.

The Potential Benefits from using a Night Guard:

  • Prevents the teeth grinding together.
  • Provides protection for your tooth enamel.
  • Prevents migraine pain and tension-type headache pain.
  • Helps prevent jaw disorders by relieving the pressure.
  • Helps prevent the development or worsening of TMJ / TMD (TemporoMandibular Joint Disorder).

Custom made night guards usually last up to five years. Once they are ground down, you can simply buy a new one. This is a lot easier and less expensive than replacing your teeth.

Custom Made Sports Mouth Guards for Adults and Children

Do want to protect your teeth, or your child’s teeth, while playing sports? If so, our team at Progressive Family & Cosmetic Dentristy can help by creating a custom made sports mouth guard. Mouth guards are clear devices worn over the biting surface of your teeth. They prevent contact between the upper and lower teeth and are worn while playing sports.

The Potential Benefits from using a Custom Made Mouth Guard:

  • Protects teeth from being knocked out or fractured.
  • Prevents lacerations and brusing during impact by acting as a buffer between the lips and teeth.
  • Prevents jaw fractures by acting as a cushion between upper and lower jaw.
  • Reduces the risk of concussion from lower jaw impacts.
  • Provides a comfortable fit allowing for natural breathing and speaking.
  • Meets High School and Collegiate sports regulations.

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