Please note: Effective May 8, we will no longer be participating in Careington 500 

Your First Visit

At Progressive Family & Cosmetic Dentistry we want you to be as comfortable and pain-free as possible. We use the most advanced dental equipment and techniques, as well as a variety of conscious sedation medicines to help you relax and to block pain during your dental procedure.

Your First Office Visit

One of our primary concerns will be to make you feel comfortable in our office. We will make every effort to ensure successful treatment. In order to prevent dental disease, the active disease must be evaluated and eliminated. Therefore, we must have a complete picture of your present oral condition, as well as insight into your dental and medical history. We will make a thorough evaluation of existing and potential problems, taking the necessary X-rays and examining the oral tissues for decay and gum/bone disease. A complete head and neck oral cancer screening exam will also be performed.

Please assist us by providing the following information at the time of your visit:


Please notify our staff if you have a medical condition (diabetes, high blood pressure, rhematic fever, artificial heart valves and joints, etc.) that may be of concern prior to your dental visit, especially before dental surgery or if you are on any medications like aspirin, heart medications, anticoagulant therapy, etc.